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A 21th’s century lamp is combination of a number of lumen, an IRC, a smart dimming, ambient light compensation, occupancy sensing, fancy interfaces, and more.


H2i offers a technically solid and cost-effective range of electronics systems and led engines. Since the establishment of the company in 2002, both with its european design house and its Malaysian engineering team, H2i Guirled manages the development of new products, customer-oriented, with prompt response to any requests. Light Level or Illuminance, is the total luminous flux incident on a surface, per unit area. The work plane is where the most important tasks in the room or space are performed.

H2i Guirled, leader in the field of led lighting since 2002, offers today the lighting arena range for private individuals, accessible and quality !

We use more than 17 years of experience in the field of LED lighting to offer it to the consumer market. So we distribute all kinds of electronic products, lighting, connected products, smart home, and much more. All this thanks to our Asia-Europe network, offering the best quality at the best prices. With lighting arena, brighten up better, save more!

More than garlands, to create well-being. More than light, to offer emotions.


Guirled garlands are synonymous with innovation and quality. We are the first to introduce garlands with high-performance LEDs for near-zero power consumption and amazing embedded technology. The lighting quality, unique colour spectrum, reliability and innovative technology of these products certainly explain in large part the good results obtained on Amazon, as well as the excellent customer feedback. By observing that they were satisfied to see us listening to them, we wanted to push their experience and our involvement in their daily lives further, by helping them to use our products: chat and trend sections on the site, situation photos and advice on social networks, product customization, and many other things to come... "Change the atmosphere! "that is our promise, and we are doing everything we can to keep it



H2i Guirled mission is to provide hi-tech lighting solutions that are suitable for the mass-market production. In cooperation with you, H2i Guirled designs and develops on demand solutions and offers a full range of LED engines & accessories. Participating in the energy saving revolution At H2i Guirled, we are dedicated to creating LED engines and innovative devices for lighting appliances. Our proven up-to-date products give you an opportunity to delight your customers while maintaining full control over quality, engineering requirements and production logistics. Simply compelling user interfaces H2i Guirled gives your design team the freedom to implement unprecedented driver, LED engine and interfaces in reliable solution that doesn’t require consumers to pay a higher cost for unnecessary gimmicks that won’t stand the test of time. The outdoor range of product has been designed & developed with Languedoc-Roussillon regional financial support. Mission Statement H2i Guirled mission is to provide hi-tech interface solutions that are suitable for the mass-market production. In cooperation with you, H2i Guirled designs and develops on demand solutions and offers a wide range of Smart Lighting solutions.











Passion, dedication and hard work, we are the founders of our company. Together, with you, we can go even further. 

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