Philippe Starck - Member of the Board


                              “I like to open the doors to people’s                                      brains”





To discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck is to walk into a world of vivid imagination and to live fantasy. For more than 30 years, this unconventional creator, designer and architect has been boldly present in our everyday, creating objects that are "good" before they are beautiful, and iconic destinations that are pure poetry and change the vision of life.


There is little that he has not set his hand to: from furniture and family products to houses to be sold by mail order, from motorbikes to mega yachts, and even art direction for space projects ... among others. This indefatigable and rebellious citizen of the world considers it his duty to share his ethic and subversive vision of a fairer world and continues to be tuned in to our dreams, desires and needs by making his work a political and civic act but always with love and humor.


Philippe Starck has designed several products that use Whaptics technology, including parts of the Whaptics Demonstration Kit.

Henri Seydoux








Henri Seydoux founded Parrot in 1994 and has served as chairman and chief executive officer since its creation. 


Self-educated, he began his career in 1978 as a trainee with the French magazine Actuel, where he was later employed as a journalist from 1979 to 1980.


In 1981, he joined the sales team at the Matin de Paris newspaper. Then, in 1982, he joined SSCI as an operating system software developer, before working for Microarchi from 1983 to 1984 in the same role. In 1985, he set up BBS, a company marketing the micro archi operating system.



In 1986, he created BSCA, a synthetic 3D imaging company, and became its chairman and chief executive officer from 1986 to 1990. In 1991, with three other partners, he founded and became a director in the luxury goods company Christian Louboutin


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